Software Development

Your data is only as impactful as your ability to tell a story. The right user experience can be your greatest asset in bringing your data to life. With over 8 years of application and software engineering experience, Consultation RIO has a unique capacity to develop API-driven custom web applications, visualizations, embedded analytics, and more.


Business Intelligence

Consultation RIO Consultants brings its several years of experience in BI & Data Science to deliver custom software to help you gain a clear perspective on data and effectively evaluate your business performance.
We extensively work with our clients from diverse industries to create reports and charts that provide more visibility into opportunities and trends in the following key areas: Sales, Marketing, Service quality, Costs, Financials, Industry-specific areas (see details below) Technologies we use: Microsoft SQL Reporting Services, Oracle Business Intelligence, SAS, IBM Cognos, MicroStrategy, Custom front-end environment, Informatica & Tableau


Quality assurance

A renowned personality has said and we quote, “Discovering the unexpected is more important than confirming the known”. We at Consultation RIO conduct a comprehensive testing and Quality Assurance procedures. We believe that Quality and Excellence drive the businesses to success. The big step after developing software and web applications is testing. Experts at Consultation RIO work with much enthusiasm, zeal and within the guidelines of performance; when developing the software, applications and processes. Still they leave no stone unturned in the testing process of the same to ensure complete elimination of flaws and errors. Our test engineers are equipped with intuitiveness for the testing processes so that they become the apt end users of the apps or the software. We at Consultation RIO conduct Web Interface Testing, System Integrated Testing and User Acceptance Testing Procedures, all of which are very critical and important to ensure correct functionality, stability and usability of the products for the client and their customers.


Data Engineering

In order to make well-informed business decisions, you need a holistic, 360-degree view of your organization. The challenge is that data typically resides in different environments, platforms, and formats. We specialize in moving, transforming, and aggregating data (ETL) in preparation for analytics or data science use cases, with expertise in: Solutions architecture Designing ETL solutions built on robust platforms (Fivetran, Keboola) Cloud platform infrastructure management & DevOps (AWS, Google Cloud, Azure) Productionizing data pipelines built on distributed systems (Hadoop, Spark) with container orchestration (Kubernetes) Data warehouse design, optimization, and dimensional modeling (Snowflake, Redshift, BigQuery)

data engineering

Data analytics

Business Intelligence and Data Analytics will help your business become more competive by gaining deeper insights into your market and competition. Big Data Analysis has become a business-critical solution for those who want to achieve a competitive advantage. We offer a complete and compehensive kit of services to help you resolve any data-related issue, such as, design informative reports and intuitive dashboards or develop data governance strategy for your business. We Deliver By using different types of analytics – descriptive, diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive – we implement the following solutions: • Data Warehousing • Business Intelligence • Data Analysis • Customer Analytics • Market Analytics • Sales Analytics


SAP Application Management Services

Consultation RIO AMS offers organizations a flexible, cost-effective solution to maintain their SAP applications while they focus on their core business-building activities. Our team acts as a natural extension of your operations team, dedicated to helping you get the most out of your SAP applications

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